Jim Schwartz

Jim Schwartz was born in Sacramento, California in 1944 and spent his  formative years  in Sacramento and the nearby San Joaquin Valley. He  entered the US Army in 1961, trained in artillery and rockets in Vicenza,  Italy for two and a half years and was honorably discharged 1964.

After student life in California, Jim went to Quebec, Canada in  1967 to go to the Montreal Museum’s School of Fine Art. After leaving  Montreal he went to Vancouver, British Columbia and then further afield to BC’s coastal  communities to work a cornucopia of professions: construction,  commercial fishing,     welding, fabrication, sign painting, graphic design, sales, etc.

Jim’s artistic pursuits have included: Chinese landscape painting,  acrylic on canvas, water colors, cloisonne enamelling, fabrication and  lost wax casting of gold and silver jewellery, sculpture in welded aluminum  and steel, cast bronze. He has spent many hours carving different types  of stone,     including marble, chlorite, alabaster, limestone, basalt, and  sandstone. He has been fortunate to create sculpture in many beautiful  places including     California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Italy and currently,  British Columbia.

Outside of creating works of art, Jim’s interests are archaeology, history, Buddhism, travel, language, and writing.

Currently underway in the workshop is “Cult Objects”, the theme in a series of marble pieces.